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Wholesale Program

12 Bottle Spiral Display

12 Bottle Spiral Display
-In Log / Clear

At Rustic Winery we are striving to get our products into wineries, gift shops, and stores. We feel unique wineries are the perfect fit for Rustic Winery products. Having Rustic Winery racks and tables displaying your wines offers you the opportunity to sell Rustic Winery products along with your fine wines

Rustic Winery offers a wholesale program for those who wish to sell Rustic Winery products. This is a bulk buying program designed for re-sale of Rustic Winery products.  We will offer exclusive territories for the sale of Rustic Winery products to companies that maintain a minimum monthly sales volume. The higher the volume the better the wholesale discount. This includes our entire line of wine furnishings as well as our rustic and log furniture. The wholesale program does NOT include any products not produced by Rustic Winery LLC.

We encourage you to contact us today with your specific ideas to sell Rustic Winery products. Our goal is to grow our business while helping you grow yours! 

2 Bottle Wine Table -in pine/classic cherry   Pub Table Set -in log with Reclaimed Timber   30 Bottle Wine Rack -in pine/warm chestnut

2 Bottle Wine Table
–In pine/cherry
Pub Table Set
–In Log/Reclaimed Timber
30 Bottle Wine Rack
–In pine/warm chestnut