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Commercial Wine Displays

Rustic Winery offers a complete line of commercial wine displays. They are designed for wine shops, wineries, restaurants, gift stores or your personal wine cellar. We also offer custom wine displays, designed to your needs. Based on our smaller wine racks and wine tables, we supply a modular wine rack system with sizes up to 72” tall and 34” wide that can stand together to accommodate large storage needs. We also offer our commercial wine table system with storage up to 42 bottles per rack that provides an attractive top for displaying other products.

We offer two display systems: our Horizontal Display System or our exclusive TOP Angle Display System that allows for the top row to be displayed at an attractive angle and the product below to be stored in a horizontal position. This is a great way to organize your wine products and keep control of your inventory as it is removed from the rack.

Rustic Winery offers a very exclusive Spiral Log Display System that allows for your individual products to be displayed on each log rack. This is a great way to have your wine stand out in the crowd!

Commercial Displays are available in Modern Square, Rustic Log, and Reclaimed Timber. Our 8 standard colors along with clear and oiled finishes are available in this line.

Contact us with your specifications and we will supply you with an accurate cost estimate for your wine displays.

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36 Bottle Display - in warm chestnut   36 Bottle Display -in warm mahogany   24 Bottle Top Angle Display -in log/clear finish

36 Bottle Horizontal Display
-In warm chestnut
36 bottle TOP Angle Display
-In bistro walnut
18 bottle TOP Angle Display
-In Log/ clear finish