The Vineyard: Watch Us Grow
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The Vineyard

3 Oaks VineyardThree Oak Vineyards was born in spring of 2011. Planted on the site of an early 1900’s landscape nursery just north of Albert Lea, MN, Three Oak Vineyards will produce several types of hardy cold - weather grapes developed at the University of Minnesota. Our soil type for growing these grape varieties in Southern MN is superb.

Approximately 1.5 acres were planted in 2011 with two varieties of grapes. Frontenac Gris a white variety and Marquette a red variety. Both varieties have a good history of producing fine wines. Three Oak Vineyards will be expanding the vineyard yearly and will utilize several grape varieties.

With the birth of Three Oak Vineyards, we have begun the process of making our vineyards a destination for great wines and for great events. You will be able to follow the growth of Three Oak Vineyards in person, on-line, on Facebook and Twitter. Please check back often and watch us grow!