Our History: Past, Present, Future
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Our Mission

Our History

Rustic Winery’s ownership has a strong history in art, design, and building. This is reflected in the products designed by Rustic Winery. We also bring a diverse past that is unique to the wine industry. It has been our dream to build a wine destination that will allow for creative growth yet still allow a historical piece of the community to be preserved and enhanced.

The history of Rustic Winery is a big part of whom we are and who we will become. With the acquisition of a historical Albert Lea landmark its history became rich and deep with just the swipe of a pen. Rustic Winery is building its business on the back of this historical property, assuring that it will become a truly special wine destination.

Whether you are a resident of the area or visiting us from half way around the world, we hope you enjoy a glimpse of our past and look forward to our vision of the future!