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Rustic Winery started as an idea for owners Jay Enderson and Dan Sorenson in 2008. With Jay’s 25 plus years in log home & log furniture business and Dan’s 25 years of corporate experience; a natural partnership was beginning to take shape. After reuniting as friends over 10 years ago, the two discovered their universal interest in custom wood working, and that they had an interest in wines and the wine industry. Both had a vision of the Albert Lea area having a vineyard and winery. Upon starting research for the wine business it was determined that the wine industry also lacked a source for high quality and exclusive wine furnishings and accessories. The goal was to have these items available in convenient locations via a web site, wineries, and shops. Rustic Winery was born!

Where We Came From

Jay's experience starts back in the mid 1980’s while pursuing the dream of building his own log home. At the young age of 22, with ideas galore and money not, the dream was going to be accomplished by doing all or most of the project himself. It was hard work, but it was an education that would lead to a career in the log home & furnishings industry that continues today with Expedition Log Homes. After being approached in 1988 about a part time career marketing log homes, and a two year stint as a general contractor building log homes, Jay went into the business full time in 1991. Jay has since been involved with over 100 log home projects over the past 20 years. After building their third log home model in 1997 it was realized that there was a demand for high quality log furniture and railings and Moosehead Rail & Log Furniture Co. was started later that year and continues to this day. You can reach Jay at: 

Jay and Dan

Dan’s experience also dates back to the early 1980’s. While supervising a tree planting company during and after college he learned how the timber industry works and how the beauty of wood plays an important role in our lives. Dan spent the next 25 years working in the corporate world designing and marketing for a large store shelving company that included a stint in Knoxville, TN. After returning to Albert Lea, MN he spent several years as a superintendent with an international box company. After reuniting a friendship in 2001, Dan had shown an interest in the timber and log furniture that Moosehead was producing and he began to work part time in the shop. After several years of learning design and furniture building, and with Dan’s artistic ability as an accomplished chain saw carver; woodworking had become a second career. You can reach Dan at:

As you can see Rustic Winery has developed from over 30 years of hard work, experiences, and the love of wine to become an exclusive supplier of distinct wine furnishings and accessories. We hope you have enjoyed learning where we’ve come from, and we where were going. Rustic Winery along with Three Oak Vineyards and Winery is poised to become that special Minnesota wine destination!