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Our Mission

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The Three Oak Winery will be our crown jewel! As we lay out this detailed yet ever changing plan, Three Oak Winery will be the final phase of our project, and it will be the best!

We will be an intimate winery that will produce several fine wines from our vineyard stock. Our goal is to be a vintage winery that is built on quality not quantity. We look forward to offering limited quantities of our select wines and plan to grow the winery at a pace that keeps us intimate and charming.

The pace to complete the winery will come as other phases of the project are completed. Be  assured that it will be designed in a way to guarantee we can produce only the best quality wines. We will release plans and progress reports as the winery develops.  We ask for your patience as we design and complete all phases of the Three Oak Vineyard and Winery.

It will be worth the wait!